At SUPERA, we understand that every individual is unique and we believe your jewel should be to. Our bespoke design is an exquisite fusion of art and personalisation. The bespoke services give you the opportunity to create a piece that is expression of your future self as it carries powerful and positive messages through reflectivity, shapes and colours. It is indeed reflecting what you want into the outer world.


The creative process begins with a questionnaire to collect personal details and any additional information that the client feels comfortable to share, in order to create a masterpiece out of their story. Our skilled experts work with our clients from initial consultation to the final workmanship processes giving the opportunity to share their vision and their dreams.


Whether they have a specific concept in mind or need guidance to discover the perfect design, our team will ensure that every detail aligns with the desires of the clients. We will assist them in the research of meaningful symbols, among various ancestral cultures, that could channel the energy they wish to encapsulate.


We offer full assistance in the choice of the crystals from a carefully curated selection, each one hand-picked for its exceptional quality and specific vibrational properties. We guide the client in hand-picking the stones that resonates with one’s intentions, whether for manifestation, healing, protection or any other purpose.


Our artisans combine ancient techniques with cutting-edge technology to meticulously craft unconventional unique jewellery pieces. From intricate engravings to precision gem-cutting and setting, every step of the manufacturing process is carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our forward-thinking approach allow us to forge new unique styles while also connecting with the research.


Discover the unparalleled joy of wearing an exclusive piece. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or a treasured present for a loved one, a bespoke Supera jewel is a powerful amulet, gift of legacy. It’s a timeless relic that will serve its mission and be cherished for generations, passed down as a symbol of unique story, in the spirit of overcoming the ordinary and as testament of personal identity.

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