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I would like to gift a bespoke piece to someone. How can we proceed?

If it's a surprise, you can fill out our Bespoke Gift Form on behalf of the receiver. Alternatively, you can purchase a coupon, and we will send a gift card along with the Bespoke Form directly to the receiver.

How long does it take for a bespoke piece to be delivered?

We take up to 3 months to create a quality customised piece, but depending on the design this timeframe can decrease to 1 month.

Can I make adjustments to my bespoke piece during the creative process?

Once you submit the form we will process the data and send you a first design render. If you need, we can make adjustments to that and we will come with a second version or even a third one. Every additional adjustment after that will be calculated as extra design fees and will be billed to you.

How much does a bespoke piece cost?

We usually craft bespoke orders depending on your personal budget. The prices are entirely depending on the costs of materials and the manufacturing processes involved. We will submit a more detailed proforma with the first design render.

How much does the Private Ceremony cost?

ceremonies are highly customizable, and therefore the price can vary significantly depending on your needs and wishes. To simplify the process, we offer packages that start from £1,500 up to £10,000, excluding VAT. We have different packages that you will find clicking here.

Is the Private Ceremony optional?

Yes, but we highly recommend to do it. it’s crucial for strengthening the energetic, emotional and psychological bond between you, your intention and the jewel.

Can I bring friends and family to my ceremony?

Yes, usually you can host as many guests as you wish during the private ceremony. If the number of guests will affect the costs, this will be presented to you as extra bill. Please you communicate this to us by sending an email to info@superajewels.com.

Can I host the ceremony on my property?

Absolutely yes. In this case, we would need to calculate all the costs in order to set up a ceremony there and this might include travel expenses.

How do I clean the energy of my jewel?

The easiest way is with water (you can add either salt, essential oils or alcohol to make it more effective), but you should always check if your crystals are soluble (or If they can have a bad reactions with salt, oil or alcohol). For example: Crystals like Selenite, Septarian nodule spheres, Lepidolite should never be washed or stones like Opal and Pyrite they react with salt in a wrong way. Supera Jewels is not to be held responsible for the cleansing methods adopted which can damage your jewels.

Another effective way is through meditation, setting the
intention to clear the crystal or the Vogel’s method:

How do I charge my jewel with energy?

The process of charging a Supera jewel (or better, its crystals) consists of energy transfer. The energy gets transferred from one (e.g., the owner of the piece) or more energy systems (e.g., other people partaking in the ceremony and blessing the jewel) to one or more crystals - the energy trapping components of the jewel. Depending on their intrinsic characteristics dictated by their peculiar molecular structure, each crystal traps, transforms, and amplifies the energy transferred to it. After the crystals of the jewel have been charged, they will emit the energy and transfer it back to another energy system (e.g., the owner while wearing it). Therefore, what we do by charging a crystal is to consciously influence this energy transfer loop.

Different energy qualities can be tested through vibrational testing by means of pendulums or other technologies developed to measure the electromagnetic fields or the subtle energy (in the form of biophotons, bioelectrons) that the different energy systems emit and that get trapped and transformed by the jewel. Each crystal emits specific energy qualities before it has been consciously charged; a part of this energy is intrinsic depending on its formation history, and another is residual, accumulated during its lifespan. That’s why the first step before charging a crystal is always cleansing, to clear its residual energy not in resonance with one’s intentions (look at cleansing methods).

Once the jewel is clear and tests only the energy qualities associated with its crystals, we can proceed to charge the crystal. The first step is to work on your own energy field through different practices aimed at reaching energy balance. Most of the time, the following meditation is sufficient:

Let’s start by connecting with your true self at a quantum level. You can do that by closing your eyes and slowing down your breath. You can do a body scan from head to toe and then bring awareness to your whole body. If you have sensations and mental activity arising, it might take a while. Just keep bringing back your awareness gently to your breath until you reach a state of complete relaxation. Once this state of emptiness and profound relaxation is achieved, keep resting your attention on the infinite blackness that surrounds you and permeates you. While you're doing this, you're connecting with the quantum field where all possibilities exist as pure potential, and your identity disappears. This is the zero point from where real creation is possible. The more you linger in this state, the more you're drawing energy from the quantum, and the stronger your energy field will grow. When you're ready to set an intention, bring awareness to your heart center, which is the center of your toroidal energy field. Start to think about your intention and release it into this empty black space. Embody the sensations and emotions as if your intention has already occurred. While you're doing this, you're building up your unique frequency. Be aware of not just imagining a faraway future but embodying this state in the present moment. Once you feel ready, gift this energy resulting from your intention to the jewel. You can do that by visualizing for as long as you feel appropriate your jewel (or a symbol associated with it) while continuing to embody the energy you built previously. In this phase, remember to hold the jewel with your dominant hand (the one you use for writing), and if you want, bring it closer to your chest. You can open your eyes when you feel ready, and the energy transfer has been completed.

Once you have charged your crystals, some tips are helpful to nurture this energy: You can visualize the jewel (or the symbol associated with it) every time you act towards that intention. You can test periodically your jewel to check if the desired energy is still strong. You can wear your jewel in every practice and activity that resonates with your intention. You can wear your jewel when you’re out in contact with nature.

You can come back to this every time you feel like it or you test and see that the energy of the jewel is depleted. Build a ritual to cultivate your relationship with the jewel with dedication and devotion. Like every relationship nurtured with love and care, it is going to come back at you in beneficial ways in time and when you need it.

Are the gemstones certified?

We might source some crystals in clusters and big rocks, so in that case a certification of the single stone can be made on request by the most prestigious certification agencies (for example GIA) and the costs added to your bill as extra service.

If I have a crystal, can you create a piece out of it?

Absolutely yes. Contact us at info@superajewels.com

If I have a jewel I don’t wear, can you reuse the materials to create a new piece?

Yes, we can design a completely new piece reusing the same materials. Usually for gold pieces, it will be lost approximately the 3% of the total weight.

Can I have a movie/pictures of my ceremony?

Yes and if you allow us to use your image for marketing purposes, it is free of charge. However, if you prefer to keep these memories private, you can cover the photography and video-making fees.

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