S04M is a bespoke creation that we associated with the essence of Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, Ecstasy, and Patron of Arts like theatre and poetry. Bacchus is represented by the champagne bottle made of Rose Quartz which is the central part of this piece. This pendant is the objectification of celebration and liberation in embracing one’s authentic self, symbolising vitality and enthusiasm.


The serpent with emerald eyes intertwined around the bottle represents the cosmic serpent mostly associated with the DNA, the principle of life itself. Snakes often represent growth and renewal. Indeed this piece suggests to integrate vitality and authenticity across the ever-evolving versions of the customer through harmony, love, compassion and acceptance.


Rose quartz is a powerful healing stone also known as ‘Love Stone’. Around since 7000 BC. Assyrians were the first known civilisation to craft this quartz, but his healing power was recognised and used as well as from Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, chinese, tibetans, etc.


This meaningful piece is a testament to the designer's ability to transform emotions and stories into wearable art that resonates on a profound level, weaving together symbolism, gemstones and materials. The blend between personal history and ancient symbolism is the key of the design.At the heart of the design is the use of rose quartz, a gemstone with profound emotional healing properties. Shaped like a champagne bottle, the rose quartz becomes a symbol of celebration, social drive and remarkable friendship.

The eyes of the serpent, adorned with emerald gemstones, are a thoughtful touch that connects with the star sign, Cancer. Emerald is one of the birthstones associated with Cancer, aligning the design with her astrological influences and bringing an additional layer of meaning and personalization to the necklace.The word “Champagnion” was a additional personal touch extracted from the customer’s personal story.


  • Rose Quartz's gentle vibrations nurture the heart, fostering love, compassion and self-acceptance. As the main stone of the Heart Chakra, this gem is considered to aid the wearer in living their life from the heart. It helps washing out bad energies and release repressed emotions.
  • Rose gold presents in both the setting and the chain provides the emotional power to ease tension, bring comfort, eliminate feelings of inferiority, and anger while supporting the manifestation of your potential.
  • White gold acts as a higher conductor and amplifier. It serves as a regenerator, symbolizing renewal and personal transformation—perfectly in line with the essence of the snake.
  • Emerald is a life-affirming stone. As the rose quartz, opens the Heart Chakra and calms the emotions. It is said to promote friendship, peace, harmony, and bliss by enabling the wearer to both give and receive unconditional love.
  • While charged with an intention, this talisman is meant to connect the Rose Quartz with the DNA (as primal life force), allowing the wearer to lovingly accept her true self at present moment.

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