Sancta Camisa

This piece was designed to recollect a relic known as Sancta Camisa, a veil believed to be worn by the Holy Mary during the annunciation.

The upper part of the gold setting is finely decorated to represent the temple where the “Sancta Camisa“ is conserved in the Chartres Cathedral. In this sense, this ring, as the material body of the receiver, becomes the temple of her pure ‘virgin’ soul erected on faith, courage, and values like dignity, innocence, and devotion.

Yellow Topaz

Yellow Topaz was believed to have magical properties related to warmth and vitality, in fact, “topaz” means fire or heat in Sanskrit. In ancient Egypt, it was
also associated with the sun god Ra, while in Greece and Rome, it was thought to bring strength and courage to warriors in battle.

The design

This golden ring is crafted around a drop-shaped gemstone which symbolizes the veil worn by the Virgin Mary during the birth of Jesus. We chose the imperial topaz to enhance the themes of self-empowerment and dignity accompanying the divine essence of femininity, central in this

Energetic Properties

Yellow topaz is a great stone for focus, determination, and confidence, bringing positivity and empowerment to the wearer without enhancing the
energy of the ego. This makes it a very powerful stone for the manifestation of personal intentions, attracting success and abundance. It works very well with the root, sacral, solar plexus, and even crown chakra, promoting alignment and energy healing.

On the emotional level, the yellow topaz works
as a healer in all those grey areas where more emotional issues overlap, lifting the spirits and filling the user with a sense of hope and healing. This crystal will channel feminine divine energy capable of creating and achieving the desired goals in times of rebirth.

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