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S001 embodies the essence of the Ophiotaurus, a creature from Greek Mythology half serpent half bull representing transformational resilience. The legend says that whoever burns the entrails of this animal will have access to divine power.


This talisman, first ever realised by SUPERA, embodies the combination of the earthly and the divine. On the main facet of the Quartz is finely engraved the symbol of the Rod of Asclepius, symbolising the healing process associate with his spiritual journey. This majestic jewel serves to bring abundance, stability, wisdom and clarity into the path of growth and transformation of the wearer and to empower his spiritual journey with determination and adaptability, conferring the energy to reach the enlightenment.


Lemon quartz is a type of quartz that has been around for centuries, and its origins can be traced back to ancient civilizations. It was first used in jewellery by the Ancient Greeks and Romans, although nowadays is mainly sourced from Brazil and traded as “Ouro Verde”. This particular stone is composed mainly of silicon dioxide, with traces of iron, conferring its yellow shade.


The necklace draws its inspiration from the customer astral map, masterfully translated into the design through a combination of symbolism and gemstone choices.At the heart of the design is an asymmetrical bull's shape, a representation of the sign Taurus. The bull's face is beautifully depicted through gold setting around a lemon quartz stone. This choice of stone is significant, as lemon quartz is known for its ability to filter out distractions and enhance concentration, aligning with the wearer desire for focus and clarity. The contraposition between the snake and the bull is studied to recall the Ophiotaurus and its transformational resilience which this piece embody.

The triangular element incorporated into the bull's horns, forms the appearance of the earth symbol, which resonates with Taurus's elemental affiliation and grounded feelings.The four black diamond stones are strategically placed, representing the Destiny Number of the client. The number four is particularly significant ad reveals the following personality traits:

  • Practical and reliable nature
  • Strong work ethic and dedication
  • Organised and structured approach to life
  • Methodical problem solvers
  • Detail-oriented and precise

In essence necklace is a work of art that tells a deeply personal and meaningful story. It encapsulates the wearer astrological identity, aspirations, and characteristics, all elegantly combined through exquisite design and expert craftsmanship.


  • Lemon quartz helps to focus so that ideas and projects can come to fruition with ease. Due to its yellow colour, this crystal works to activate the solar plexus chakra and will remind how to create coherence between brain and heart, generating a perfect symbiosis between ideas and feelings.
  • Crafted in yellow gold, the necklace encapsulates the warmth of the sun, promoting self-awareness and the realization of dreams, in line with personal growth and ambition.
  • Leather is known for its ability to conduct energy, making it an ideal material to complement the powerful symbolism and gemstones incorporated into the piece.
  • The use of black diamonds aligns with the client’s aspirations, as they are believed to stimulate creativity, motivate, and offer clarity during decision-making, making them a meaningful addition to the design.

Wearing this jewel while setting an intention will help make important decisions more clearly. On an emotional level, it may be helpful in reducing depression, anxiety and anger promoting a positive mindset and enhancing concentration. This yellow quartz talisman contains the power to achieve the consciously chosen projects, while being protected by the stars.

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