Holy Trinity

SB001 is all about the trinity and how mind, body, and soul are all aspects of the same existence. In Christian art, this concept is represented in the sacred family and the Holy Trinity.

The Triquetra

The symbol of the Celtic triquetra perfectly depicts the concept of the trinity. It is present in many cultures across the world and also represents the elements of the Earth - land, sky, and sea.
It is a powerful seal that encapsulates the divine essence of the oneness and unveils the illusion of separateness in favor of the deep realization of the interconnected nature of reality.

eternal knot

SB002 has been inspired by the endless knot, present in many cultures such as Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, ancient China, but also present in the Celtic symbology. It is often present in art, integrated into colorful mandalas and
thangkas. Also, this powerful universal symbol reminds us of the unity of everything and
the infinity of time and space. Today's science teaches us how everything is entangled and all our destinies are intertwined in an energetic web.

Design and gem-selection

In both bracelets, the gemstone selection has played a fundamental role in the design of these paired pieces consigned to a married couple. Each stone has been selected to confer a specific quality to the wearer’s energy field.
The ruby and the lapis lazuli are also present in both to create a bond between the soulmates.
Both pieces, in fact, are figurative of knots, expressing the interconnectedness between these two pieces and their essence. Each symbol is also expressive of the intentions and personal identity of the corresponding owner.

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