Private Ceremonies


We introduced a ceremony to deliver our creations and to facilitate the infusion of intention in the crystal, the energy-trapping core of our jewels. During the ceremony we recreate the perfect environment to charge with positive energies and blessings the gemstones. Connecting with masters of ceremonies and like-minded people, we are able to organise the consignment in different place around the world, expanding daily our presence.


The ceremonies are custom-made according to each client’s own belief and personal way to express one’s spirituality, featuring various practices and rituals. We integrate fire rituals, breath-works, different kind of meditative practices, cleansing procedures, sound journeys, theatrical performances, ritual dances, art exhibitions and much more to shape a full experience that is meant to empower an energetic bond between the jewel and the receiver.


Modern science states that emotions are chemical feedbacks from the experience in the enviroment. With the creremonies we don't just hand
over the jewels and work with the power of the crystals to positively influence the body’s EMF (electromagnetic field). By creating a meaningful experience, we also make a predisposed customer tap into those elevated emotions capable of embossing the event neurologically in their brain, creating a long-term memory. This will allow the brain to signal new genes and changing the internal biology. That's how the process of healing actually happens on the physical level.

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